All Product Design

Our expertise is diverse; from cutting edge technology in clothing research, to electronics, to smart materials such as Quantum Tunnelling Composites, to modes of transport.


Some of us may be rocket scientists, but what we do is not rocket science. We take great pride in the fact that we are pragmatic and down-to-earth people using a wealth of common sense to APPLY scientific knowledge in ways that have not occurred to other people, thus solving problems in a straight forward manner.

Our Work

Asked to exhibit at the first ever
“British Inventors, Gadget Show Live”, 7/4/2014
A resounding success.

           All Product Design

If you have an idea for a product and wish it to be recognised, we produce the best embodiment.

If you have a product that requires improvement, we specialise in that area.

We would like to reassure all clients that “business is open as usual” even with the loss of our founder in January 2018.